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  • You deserve it

    You deserve furniture that looks good, feels good, and is good. And, you deserve competitive prices, flexible financing, and hands-on-help to make your home irresistible. You deserve Deckers.

    Deckers Furniture

    The best furniture at the best prices




    Don’t deny it. You deserve new furniture. You deserve a variety of eye-popping styles that express your taste. You deserve furniture that is fun, fanciful, and functional. You deserve quality furniture, substantially built, not put together like Popsicle sticks. Plus, you deserve terrific brands, competitive […]



    Come on, admit it…Down deep you know you deserve quality. You deserve endless choices of dazzling furniture, yummy colors & feel-good fabrics. You deserve brand names because you know you can trust them—for quality, dependability, value & comfort. Choosing the top-name brands in furniture means […]

    Why Deckers?


    Why should you shop Deckers as opposed to all the options you have? Selection, Name Brands, Top-Notch Service, Reliable Free Delivery, Experienced Staff, Planning Help, Custom Ordering, Flexible Financing… Whew! Large Selection—For Your Special Tastes No other home is just like yours, and no one […]

    Need Help?

    So, you think you need help putting it all together? Well, help doesn’t have to be expensive – how about FREE? At Deckers you have eager staff available to help you – at no cost. A lot of styles, colors and trends have come and gone. Whether you need help with just a room or a complete interior makeover, we can design the right look to fit your taste, style and budget. We can help you select the perfect furnishings for your home as well as everything from flooring to window treatments to accessories. And yes, our designers will work with you to include your existing furnishings in the design plan. Our design team can take every room in your home from here to there. When you’re ready for hands on help we’re patiently waiting for you. Put our ideas to work in your home! Don’t be afraid to ask.  Come see us. You’ll still be able to do it your way, only better! Ask Lisa Tapee, Deckers Furniture Design Director 30 years of interior design experience; commercial and residential ... 

    Deckers Blog


    First of all, this isn’t a blog about Alex Haley’s bestselling book or the mini-series. This is about Spring. It’s finally here! We’ve spent so long bundled up and hunkered down through this seemingly endless winter that it’s as if we we never coming out of hibernation. But, thankfully, the signs are obvious, daffodils are popping up, red robins are bob-bob-bobbing along, and we’ve delighted in the warmth of a few tantalizingly sunny days. Yes, Springtime... 

    What’s New?

    At the start of every new year we tend to reminisce about the past and, at the same time, anticipate the future. This is even more true at the start of a new decade which holds the promise of excitement, exhileration, and the novelty of “new.” It’s a beginning with seemingly endless possibilities. Part of the exhileration comes from all the in-vogue styles in home fashions; cutting edge trends that can transform you and your environment. Whether you are a trend setter...